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Windows 10 taking time to Turn Off

shutdown delay windows 10

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Starting a computer is usually a relatively long process. It is understandable since it is necessary to load a large number of processes, libraries, and files so that a system as large as Windows is functional.

In contrast, shutting down a computer is usually a much faster process, and sometimes it is almost instantaneous; although that should not deceive us: in fact yes that many things are made every time you turn off the computer. It’s just that most are fast and do not require a lot of processing capacity, like closing programs or ports. That is why, when something goes wrong, we notice it at once; especially if we are waiting for the computer to turn off to leave. And if it starts to take too long, we can start to worry.

That is what is happening to some Windows 10 users, who have found that their computers are taking longer to shut down; is a new problem that has appeared in recent weeks, and does not seem to be related to changes in the hardware that these users have made.

Reason for Windows 10 taking time to turn off

It may be happening to you too. If your computer takes longer than usual to shut down, you may be suffering from a Windows bug; In some cases, we are talking about delays of about 60 seconds, enough if we talk about the PC’s shutdown.

The bug seems to be related to USB-C, and appears only if we have a device connected to a USB-C port, such as external storage, a charger, or anything else. The good news is that Microsoft has already discovered the bug, and why it occurred. For starters, this bug only affects version 1809 of Windows 10; therefore, in theory, if you have already installed the May update (1903), you should not suffer from this problem.
windows 10 shutdown problem usb-c
The problem is that, when connecting a USB-C device, the system responsible for the events of connection and disconnection of USB media can cause a pause in the shutdown process until it resolves the connection or disconnection of the device. It is something that you will notice especially if you have connected or disconnected something just before turning off.

Therefore, until Microsoft offers a patch, we have two options: either we avoid connecting and disconnecting USB devices if we are going to shut down the system, or we update the system to the latest version.

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