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Windows 7 support ends in Jan 14 2020

support for windows 7 ends in Jan 14 2020

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The final countdown for Windows 7 is on. From January 14, 2020, in exactly half a year, Microsoft will discontinue support for the operating system. Then there will be no software or security updates. For as much whirl as the support end of Windows XP five years ago, the end for Windows 7 should not worry anymore.

Nevertheless, security experts strongly advise against using the older operating system. Without further updates, it is vulnerable to attack methods based on vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Microsoft advises to prepare already for a system change and gives tips for the change on Windows 10. That is anyway the “safest Windows ever”, the company puts out.

The fact that Microsoft users are so reluctant to switch to the new system also has to do with money. Unlike its competitor Apple, which has been distributing its new macOS versions for free for years, Microsoft and its partners are demanding money to stay up-to-date.

microsoft ends windows 7 support on Jan 14 2020Although Microsoft had offered the upgrade of Windows 7 and 8 for a long time free of charge after the market start of Windows 10. But for about two years, the company offers its current system only from about $139 to download.

However, some specialist media also provide information on how users can still switch to the current system for free, for example by downloading the “Media Creation Tool” on the Microsoft website. In addition, however, that some third-party manufacturers demand money for current versions of their programs, so they run smoothly under Windows 10.

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Windows 7 is still running on almost every fourth desktop PC. The market share is a little behind Windows 10 which speaks volume on how much the Operating System is still loved around the globe.

Changing the Operating system is big news for most users. On an individual level, it is all about replacing most probably an older computer with a new one. If the hardware is too old, you may have to invest in a new computer and Windows 10. If the hardware is reasonably good, you might still be able to run Windows 10 as the minimum configuration needed is not much different from Windows 7.

On an organization level, moving to a new Operating system is very critical. All the hardware or most hardware in the network may need an upgrade. The software’s used for work needs to be upgraded to make sure it is compatible with Windows 10. Then there is additional cost related to setting up networks, adding security and training employees for the new change. Corporates may also have to invest in getting more Windows 10 volume license.

According to Microsoft, “Those who deal with the change at an early stage minimize risks and costs and benefit from current security functions and innovations.” Some private companies may try to extend their luck a bit further as they know Windows 7 might still be good for another 1-2yrs even after support is stopped. When Windows XP was stopped, it was still good for another 1-2 yr depending on the user type.

The successor Windows 8 is considered floppy. Today, Microsoft has re-established a solid software base with its current version of Windows 10. According to Microsoft, it is now installed on 800 million devices worldwide.

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The end of support for Windows 7 is a big blow to the die-hard Windows 7 fans and users who want to keep the nostalgic feel of Windows 7. There are plenty of online tutorials on installing Windows 10 and make it look like Windows 7 by hiding the new fancy options in the interface.

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