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World of Warplanes Game Review

Game review World of Warplanes

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Wargaming.net studio, the creators of World of Tanks, a popular game with millions of players from all over the world is also the creator of the latest game, World of Warplanes. So the expectation was high on the new game ad they didn’t disappoint. In World of Warplanes, the player takes the role of pilot and he will take part in exciting team battles against other players. The game really makes you feel like an ace pilot.

In the inventory, the game developers have designed a wide range of warplanes from different countries – US, UK, Soviet Union, Germany, China, and Japan. Most of the planes are from the time of World War 2 and the Korean War. The planes are divided into different section with their own distinctive strengths and weakness. For e.g, you have single engine fighters which are a great choice when it comes to fighting over a short distance. There are heavier types which be used for long distance attack and carry heavy weapons. There are also assault aircraft which can be used to fight ground soldiers as well as other aircraft in the sky.
world-of-warplanes-review-shooting-planesEach nation is divided into a different level. The basic level comes with a hangar full of basic plane.  The initial planes that you get lack of features and are the weakest. You will have to destroy all opponents. You will be rewarded by promotion in the hierarchy. When you climb up the ladder, you are given access to modern aircraft. These weapons will give you an edge over your enemy. This way, you will have access to dozens of warplanes from each nation, one of which you will find that suit your fighting style.
In World of Warplanes is also equipped with PvE mode which can help you measure up against opponents controlled by the computer.

Before starting the game, you need to train yourself.  It doesn’t matter you fight entirely as human or with computer help, your skill level determines if you win or lose in a battle. Regardless of whether you fight the enemy of the human or computer, you cannot forget about the training of the crew of your machine. The training consists of a pilot and rear gunner. You may also have more crew members depending on the type of aircraft that you pilot. Every crew member comes with a specific skill and specialization.  The speed, endurance, and maneuverability of the aircraft are attributed to pilot skill and warplane model. The tail gunner is responsible for the defense and target shooting.

world-of-warplanes-review-bombing missionIn short, World of Warplanes is a wonderful game that successfully combines elements of aviation simulator with rapid and spectacular action. The plane models look very realistic. The designers even have included a German model whose design never went beyond the basic sketch work. There are certain areas where the game takes it to next level of realism while maneuvering, accelerating and firing.

World of Warplanes is highly recommended for all fans of aviation.

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